Pure Sesame Oil

Technician Specification

ItemPure Sesame Oil
B.R. at 40°c corresponding to RI at 40°c58.0 to 61.0, 1.4646 – 1.4694
Saponification Value186 to 196
Iodine Value103 to 120
F.F.A (as oleic acid)2 – 4% (Max)
Bellier’s Test (Terbility Temp. Acitic Acid Method)22°c (Max)
Colour Index (Lovibond 1 inch cell)Red : 3 max, Yellow : 25 max , Blue : nil
Peroxide Value (mg KOH/g)2 (Max) at loading point.
Purity (Un-Adulteration)Gas Chromatography guaranteed with test certificate